I met this rad old biker at the flea market one Sunday after picking up a bandana that he had out. He pulled me aside and said, "I was waiting on a young fella like you to show you my secret stash of these." He brought me over to his van and open up the back and pulled out a box of insane vintage bandanas dating back to the '50s and '60s. I stayed around and bull shit with him for a few hours and paid him to take a few of these off his hands.

Vintage "Skull of Death" bandana
Please note that this item is vintage and defects, wear and tear and signs of aging and wear are present... there are no refunds so read the fucking product description before buying.

Size: 21.5 x 20.5"

Product description:

  • sun fade marks 
  • tears at the corner seams
  • slight oil mark
  • 2" tear under skull
  • FTWS trim
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