I fuckin hate new looking leather jackers. So instead of making a new leather sourced vintage leathers, I thought were fuckin killer and fixed, painted and sold them.

Hand selected vintage leather (they do not all resemble the image exactly so don't bitch to me when you get it and it's not the "exactly" the same as the image... because I fuckin told you so!)
100% authentic real leather
*MADE TO ORDER - Ships within 7-14 days

Each of these one-of-a-kind jackets are vintage sourced then cleaned, repaired/restored and hand painted. Each of them varies in fit, and hardware and all have a beautiful natural vintage distressing.

Due to the exclusive nature and high demand, all sales are final for this merchandise. Please check your chosen product sizing, shipping address, and billing address that you are submitting is correct as it cannot be modified or changed. As orders cannot be modified, they can only be cancelled if there are critical errors in your order. Stock is not available for size corrections and/or exchanges. All sales final - no returns or exchanges.

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