We are that teenage punks peer pressuring you to smoke your first cigarette, watch your first porn, kiss a girl for the first time, try kickflipping a 7 stair that we all know you cant and shoot passing cars with paintball guns. Don't be a pussy, and never PUNK OUT!

100% Cotton
Hand printed in the FTWS studio.
True to size fit, take your normal size.
Made in Los Angeles.

For all international customers, please be aware that NOT ALL packages shipped internationally will make it through customs without a tariff. Therefore we want to clearly communicate that you, the buyer, are responsible for ALL DUTIES, TAXES, and FEES at the time of import. Due to the exclusive nature and high demand, all sales are final for this merchandise. Please check your chosen product sizing, shipping address, and billing address that you are submitting is correct as it cannot be modified or changed. As orders cannot be modified, they can only be cancelled if there are critical errors in your order. Stock is not available for size corrections and/or exchanges.

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